The Inside Scoop in Edmonton Alberta

Edmonton is a wonderful place to be whether you’re visiting or whether you live here! I’ve lived all over Canada – in Vancouver BC, Saskatoon SK, Calgary AB, Toronto ON, Regina SK…and they all have wonderful things to recommend about them. But in my opinion there’s no place like Edmonton! That’s why I made up this site, to highlight the best (in my opinion!) places to go, things to do and businesses to frequent!

Now I live in Hollyrood, which is my favorite part of town. I’m only 6 minutes from downtown and blocks away from Whyte Ave. which is fantastic! And I’ve gotten to know this area especially well. But whether you’re in Sherwood Park, or downtown Edmonton, or somewhere in between, there are lots of great places to go and things to do!


The first thing that jumped out at me when I moved to Edmonton was how incredibly nice the businesses are. The Capilano Mall that’s right down the street from me is going through an extensive renovation and the upgrades are looking great so far…and the Starbucks on Jasper Ave that I like to go to…well it just looks like a really happening Starbucks!

That also means that you should expect the best where ever you decide to spend your time! (And don’t settle for less!)

Each page off this website highlights what we think of as the very best of Edmonton Alberta! And hey! You may not like my choices and if you don’t I totally get it! Maybe for your taste you might prefer Ruth Kris, while I might recommend The Sawmill instead, and I get that! In fact I’m more than happy if you’d like to email me with your experiences and recommendations!

(You might even get me to change my mind on a few places!)

Ok that’s all I got for you now! I want you to enjoy the website and make sure to let me know what you think the best of Edmonton is!

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